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  • Have you ever had that experience when you say something, and as soon as the words come out of your mouth, you think why on Earth I did say that?
  • Or perhaps you find yourself of doing something that you really don’t want to do, but it just seems to happen any way?
  • Maybe you feel you can’t do something you’d really like to to?
  • Or do you sometimes find that some situations trigger really uncomfortable feelings and you don’t know why?
 Well, we can make a sense of all of those experiences when we understand more about how the brain works.

What is BWRT® (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®)?

BWRT® – is a revolutionary neuroscience method that is an advanced form of neuropsychotherapy that delivers speedy and effective solutions for psychological and emotional distress by applying the “freeze response” during sessions. It’s a method of therapy that “freezes” troublesome thoughts and then uses a technique called “recursive loops” to condition the way the brain responds to unwanted triggers.

How does it work?

Our brain is getting loads of messages every split second of our lives and what it does all the time is look for stuff that is similar to things we’ve experienced before. Now, if what we did that time worked, it tries to do the same thing again and if it didn’t, then it will try to avoid it, and most of the time that system works really well.  The problem is though, that part of the brain is immensely fast and not very logical, so it doesn’t give time to think – in fact, all that stuff happens without you even knowing about it at first. So if it finds something that was once a threat, it will use anxiety to try to steer you right away from that.

Unlike other talking therapies which work on a cognitive level, BWRT® works with what we used to think of as the subconscious. BWRT® is designed to remove undesired responses, triggered by the brain’s automatic reaction to certain stimuli, and form new, adaptive neural pathways, aligned to your preferred way of being.

Issues which BWRT® can help with:   BWRT Therapy - Best Therapy for Psychological based Symptoms

Alcohol Problems
Anxiety –Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Performance Anxiety Social Anxiety / Social Phobia
Binge-Drinking / Eating
Fears – including dentist, driving, dying, flying and heights,  BWRT Therapy - Best Therapy for Psychological based Symptoms
Fear of Authority/Fear of Failure / Success
Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Lack of Confidence / Low Self-Esteem
Panic Attacks
Phobias – including birds, dogs, needles, wasps and spiders
Relationship Problems

Unresolved Grief

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If your reason for therapy could be related to a physical health concern, then I will ask you to see your GP first.  In some circumstances, I may wish to write to your GP to let him/her know of my involvement, but I will ask for your permission first. 

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