Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy

“A Healing Journey…”

Freedom Release Counselling Centre now offering a new modern approach to counselling – Walk & Talk Therapy.
The Outdoor Counselling Sessions that takes therapy off the couch, beyond the four walls of an office and literally on the path to healing.
Your healing begins outdoors where together we focus on your emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Together, we will take the necessary steps to move forward on your goals.

 Walk & Talk Therapy – What it is?

  • The therapist and client walk together during sessions, while addressing the issues that led to an interest in therapy.
  • It encourages a patient to be more physically active for mental and physical reasons
  • It helps a patient get “unstuck” when confronting difficult issues
  • It spurs creative, deeper ways of thinking often released by mood-improving physical activity

Why it’s helpful:

  • Walk & Talk Therapy gets clients moving- literally and figuratively.
  • It’s conducted outdoors, which can be very grounding and relaxing.
  • Clients are allowed to set their own place, which can be empowering physically and emotionally.
  • Research studies show that physical activity can improve the mental and physical health of clients.  Physical activity has also been shown to reduce levels of depression and anxiety and can help to prevent depressive symptoms.
  • Physical activity can also reduce levels of depression and anxiety.

Walk & Talk FAQ’s

How is Walk and Talk Therapy different from traditional therapy?
The main difference is that sessions occur outdoors as we walk together. Besides the essential, tennis shoes, nothing else changes.

What about bad weather?
Clients make the “weather call.” There is an office location available. 

Is this a cardio workout?
No. It involves slow to moderate walking and clients set the pace. Sessions are focused on allowing you to process your thoughts and feelings.

I’m not in shape, can I do it?
Yes. Clients set the pace, and if breaks are necessary that’s fine. It is our goal to support you and ensure your comfort level.

Can we switch back to the office if I find I don’t enjoy this? Or can we alternate from week to week?
Absolutely. Again, it is your choice to take the session outdoors for a Walk & Talk session or to remain inside the office if that is what you prefer. I respect your choice and honour what feels best for you.

What is the cost for Walk and Talk Therapy?
Cost of the session is £35

What are the typical times?
It’s up to you. Based on availability. Some choose to start their day with a session, some opt for a lunch break power up, an after work wind down, or a weekend wrap up.