School/College Based Counselling

Most schools and colleges are struggling with issues such as exclusion, behavioural challenges, self-harm, extreme anxiety, eating disorders, depression or children who have simply withdrawn into themselves. Often schools and colleges struggle to find solutions for children who are facing these issues within the context of the normal routine. Freedom Release Counselling Centre  can be that solution.

Freedom Release Counselling Centre provides professional Counselling support for young people within Primary, Secondary and Further Education settings across Essex and Kent areas.

We can provide professionals at reasonably short notice to work within your school/college and address some of those issues that can be so challenging for schools/colleges to meet.

We work with children and young people at a vital stage of their development. We offer them support to cope with emotional and behavioural difficulties which has a positive impact on the whole class. We also offer support for school staff and parents.

We work in a transparent way providing school/college with essential updates, regular reviews and use measurable outcomes demonstrating the effectiveness of our counselling provision.

Freedom Release Counselling offers a flexible services, tailored to meet schools’/college’s needs.

To find out more about having Freedom Release Counselling in your school/college you can contact us:


Phone: 07468 435779